Time Management Skills And Tips

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Are you the type of person who feels that there are not enough hours in the day for you to complete all of your daily tasks and duties? This article gives free tips on how to manage your time in a more constructive and successful way.

Set a to do list

I am one of the people who would have answered the above question with a definite yes. I often used to feel under pressure and uptight, I worried that I did not have enough time to do what I wanted and needed to do.

I now set myself a to do list which helps me to plan my time better. I have a priority list, which is the tasks which are the most important for me to complete. I will concentrate on working through these jobs first and always try to ensure that they are completed before the day ends.

If I manage to work through all of these tasks, I then start on my second list. This is a list of other important tasks which need to be completed as soon as possible but which do not particularly have to be finished today.

I then have my final list which is work that needs to be completed, however there is no immediate rush to finish them.

If at the end of the day I have certain tasks left on any of the lists, they then are added to the lists of the following day. This is a simple formula which has worked for me and which helps me to sleep better at night.

Take a break

In the past when I used to struggle to work through my tasks, I would start to panic and would not allow myself a break. This I have come to realise is a big mistake. My brain and that of most people has a certain concentration span. If I just continue to work, the quality of this work will soon drop as my brain becomes tired and weary. It is as if it is punishing me for not rewarding it with a rest.

I now make sure that I have regular breaks and I will usually take an hour for lunch. This helps me to return to my tasks fresh and alert. My brain is also happier which helps me to think clearer and quicker.

Do not rush

I would always rush each task, eager to start on the next one. What I found was that this would lead me to making lots of silly errors. I would then have to go back and amend these mistakes which ultimately would cost me valuable time. I now work at a speed I am comfortable with. I still make errors which of course is part of life, however there are now far fewer of these.

Do not beat yourself up

I am my own worst critic. I would often go to bed and would be unable to sleep as I was thinking about all of my unfinished business. I would feel guilty and even ashamed of myself. The next morning after this lack of sleep, I would be tired, which would affect my ability to work well.

This of course was like a vicious circle, which was making things a whole lot worse. I now am attempting to be a lot easier on myself and realise that all I can do each day, is to try my best. If I am unable to complete a task or tasks that is fine, I will do it in the morning.

I hope the above advice helps you to plan your day more effectively and leads you to more positive and successful results.

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